We aim at operational excellence and believe in no-shortcut policies. Before the tests, we prepare the patients as per standard procedure.

We use standard collection methods, use appropriate containers and prepare samples as per the guidelines.

We strictly adhere to sample acceptance criteria if the sample is collected elsewhere and make use of CE, IVD and FDA approved kits.

We follow technology and method selection based on CAP participant summary, calibration, internal and external quality controls, proficiency tests and inter-lab quality check being done as per good practices.

We check, recheck and reflex tests as per internal policies irrespective of cost and time implication.

We elaborate the report format with clear indications on limitations of the test as well.

We focus on optimal and best services delivered to the customer and do not promote use of expired material or accept compromised material.

We adhere to quality system(s) ensure periodic communication as and when required

We use effective Sample Management practices and well-organized pre-analytical systems to eradicate possible inaccuracies in test reports.


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